Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ram Wools & Tuque

Ram Wools was having a fall open house today with 15% off everything, and I needed some yarn (nothing suitable in stash) for some gifts. A friend who couldn't make the sale also asked that I pick up some dpns for her too. I am proud to say that I made it in and out of Ram Wools with only buying what I had intended to buy! (I came close to buying an EZ book, but I'll wait for their bigger sale in January... that way I can also put it on my wishlist.) Here's what I came home with:
Ram Wools Purchase
The Scheepjes and Fabel are for socks, the Koigu is for a baby hat (and booties if there's enough), as is the Debbie Bliss.

I would like to say that this pattern is freaking adorable:
Berry Tart WIP
...which is a good thing, because otherwise I'd already be running screaming from the bobbles. (Of which I have completed 24 so far.) I wasn't able to execute the k3tog with the needles I'm using in the bobble decrease round, so I'm executing the decrease as four "pass stitch over" steps centered on the middle of the five stitches, and finish by purling the remaining stitch. This hat is for a professor friend who is expecting in November.

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