Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Contest Alerts

Two to report: Close to my Heart, and The Inconsistent Mixer.

Update: Make that three: Crazy Aunt Purl is having a contest too.

Update 2: That prize package that you're eligible for if you knit a cat sweater is sweet... I wonder if H will loan me one of her cats? I hear the cats let her son H do whatever he wants... perhaps he could get it on one of them?


Kelli said...

Cat sweater - hee. Not that my cats need a sweater in the sauna known these days as North Carolina. Oh wait, saunas are humid, right? And, we'll, we're in a drought. So nevermind that comparison...

anyway, I have a cat that could definitely be coaxed into putting on a sweater for a picture. His name is Felix, and I can do anything with him. :-) In case you need a model.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, C could probably get a cat sweater on a cat, if you need a cat victim, I mean, cat model. :-) I expect it would be like putting a Halloween costume on a very small child: have your camera ready in advance because that costume is staying on for at most 3 seconds. (I have experience with that from when C was very small.)