Sunday, September 30, 2007

Holy Scary Shit!

My friend just lost *everything* (except her two dogs, which she managed to rescue) in a horrible fire! She wasn't able to save her five young cats. Will you look at the photo in her post! You can see her silver car parked in front of rubble that used to be a multi-storey apartment building. Here's a news story. Two neighbours were injured, and one was *killed*! I'm so glad my friend is safe!

That is some scary shit.

I haven't heard yet whether or not the fire alarms went off. *Please*... make sure you have working fire alarms! To be safe, have ones that check for smoke *and* heat, plus a carbon monoxide detector. (The carbon monoxide detector should be a separate unit, since carbon monoxide sinks, and heat and smoke rise. Place the carbon monoxide detector near the floor, and the smoke and heat detector near the ceiling.) You should have a fire alarm in the kitchen and each bedroom at a minimum.

*shudder* Keep safe, my friends!


Daph said...

Oh my, that is terrible. How scary and so devastating. I'm glad to hear your friend is okay!

Thanks for tip about the carbon monoxide/smoke detectors -- we were going to replace ours by getting the two-in-one, but now we'll definitely get the separate ones.

Knitting Mama said...

Wow, that is horrible.

My thoughts are with you for her.

Knittah said...

I'm glad you friend is ok. That is such a scary story! The second fire in that complex? I wonder if there is an arson about. Sending good thoughts her way. . . .