Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fish Painting

Fish Painting

Well, she's not really what I had been intending, but I like her enough that I'm not going to paint over her. I think I may put her up in the club art show, though.

If I do, what do you think I should price her at? (She's 8"x10", if that has any bearing on your answer.) I don't really care if she sells or not, but I'd rather not look like a doofus for choosing a ridiculous price (in either direction).


Katy said...

I think that you should price her at $30.

Kelli said...

She is very pretty, and looks like she would go well in a bright children's room. Oooh...I bet you could totally do that - paint brightly colored pictures and sell them as art for children! /tangent

Anyway, I have no idea about pricing such things...but after looking at ebay at similar items to see what they went for, I think that katy's suggestion of $30 is probably good.

Mandi said...