Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It *Does* Work!

I must admit, even I was having a few doubts. My family was *definitely having doubts! But the pattern is *perfect*!
Felted Clogs and Potholder
Felted Clog
And wow... following proper felting instructions rather than "I'll toss it in with several loads of laundry" makes a *big* difference with how fast it felts. This only took 15 minutes of agitation... with nothing else in the wash than what was being felted. They look great, and I can already tell I'm going to enjoy wearing them. Plus, with how thick the sole is, there should be no problem with them wearing through all the time. :)

I am a convert, and a new, true devotee of Fiber Trends patterns. It was worth every penny!


Deneen said...

I love them-wish I could knit (sigh, yet again)

ann said...

they look fantastic --- I have that pattern and you are inspiring me to get it out and get a pair of slippers on the needles!

Kelli said...

Very cute slippers!!!

susan said...

hi- i have done one pair of these already for margaret( who made me socks with contest prize yarn) and i am making these for christmas this year. pattern was definitely worth the price.

Dot Com Mom said...

VERY NICE and Zoe would approve of the color!