Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I had a nut challenge on Monday, and I get to eat another variety of nuts! The new nut is walnuts. I'm not a big fan of walnuts (I don't dislike them, but they aren't as tasty as pecans or almonds), but it's kind of hard to tell the difference between walnuts and pecans when they're chopped up, and they show up in a bunch of baked goods. So, for the ease of conference eating, I tested walnuts. I'm now a three nut lady!

I have a nut challenge for cashews scheduled on October 17th. (I finally found some cashews (raw) that didn't have peanut or sunflower oil added.)

I was reading about spinning silk, and came across a scary fact: sometimes silk is soaked in "sesame milk" before spinning! Thankfully sesame hasn't tried to kill me through touch, but you can bet that I'll be washing any silk items before wearing from now on. Come to think of it, it can't possibly be too common... sesame is fairly expensive, so I can't see commercial silk spinners using it. But why, oh why, does sesame have to show up in so *many* bizzare places?!? And in *yarn*, which doesn't come with "ingredients" labelled (beyond the fibers used).


Kristen said...

Truly bizarre. Maybe it lends to the exotic nature of silk. "Not only is it silk," they can say, "but it's been washed in sesame milk! See? Exotic and rhymey!"

noricum said...

The sesame milk was used to keep it from snagging on rough spots, not just to annoy me. ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure glad there are some nuts you're not allergic to, otherwise you wouldn't be able to come to our knitting group with all the silly nuts we have there!!!!! LOL

noricum said...

Yes, I sure am glad I'm not allergic to the human nut... then I'd be allergic to myself! ;)

Chef Mom said...

yay, congratulations on the nut hatrick! Walnuts, by themselves are not that great, I agree. But they make a good addition to brownies :-)