Sunday, September 02, 2007

Felted Clogs

After all that laceweight, I needed something bulky on the needles. At school I have the crochet felted boot slippers. At home, as of last Thursday, I have felted clogs.
Felted Clogs WIP
Felted Clogs WIP
Felted Clogs WIP
One down, one to go. These aren't quite as satisfying as a post-lace project as I had hoped... way too much counting involved to be a mindless project! However, it'll "clean up" some yarn that's been lying around in my room. ;)


Anonymous said...

Great colours! It didn't take very long to make either. Very nice.


Alice said...

Perfect color combo for the clogs! It is one of my favorites :)

ps-Sorry we confused you on our blog! Yep, thankfully there are two of us, because I could never find the time to post that much on my own! ;)

noricum said...

Not a problem... I just felt a little silly for not noticing before. ;) It does explain how you're able to finish so many fantastic knits so quickly!

Pfirsch said...

Are there any pictures of the finished product?

noricum said...

I haven't felted them yet... soon!