Monday, September 24, 2007

Because I like to make life difficult for myself.

Saartje's Bootees

Instead of blindly accepting that 18 rows makes 10 garter ridges (it doesn't), I have to count rows. And recount. And try to see if there's any way that the 10 ridges could be due to fractions/rounding. (It can't.)

I eventually came to two possibilities:
1. There's an error in the pattern. (If there is, it's consistent between the two sizes.)
2. Saartje uses a long-tail cast-on or something similar that created the first row of knitting in addition to the cast on, but doesn't count it as a row.
I think it's #2, but instead of just doing that (or blindly following the 10 garter ridges, which only produces a small difference), I have to e-mail Saartje to see what she intended.

I'm waiting to hear from her. (Hopefully she's not as lazy about answering her e-mail as I am!)


Knitting Mama said...

Hopefully for my next child I'll get on the Saartje's Bootees bandwagon! They are too cute. I think my son is now too big for them at 9 months old, he has really big feet!

Liz said...

The long tail cast on, when used with garter, creates another garter ridge, and I count that when I'm doing stripes and stuff. So I vote for #2.