Thursday, April 26, 2007


H needed to deliver a few things to different places on campus, so we went for walkies. We noticed some new public art on campus. This piece is kind of neat:
Public Art
Public Art
It's a bunch of video tape tied to interlocked wire hangers, with a stool in the middle. The sound and the way the light glitters off the tape are quite soothing. Here's a video:

The other pieces weren't worth photographing.

I had a thought while we were out. You kind of have to wonder about the direction "modern art" is taking when you see something and wonder if it's "art" or vandalism.

Another random thought I had this morning, this one on the bus ride in while listening to a podcast: there should be a website called "the one-body problem" that assists single academics in getting together with other single academics in their university.

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Vik said...

Hmm... I wonder if those things don´t scare poor birds, squirrels, etc...