Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm Shrinking!

Met with the therapist today. Nothing exciting... typical first visit where I give him my history. You know, when giving my history, I'm rather impressed that I'm not more of a basket case than I am. ;)

Other thought: next time I give my history, I should tape it. Then I can skip past all future "first visits" by just providing the latest shrink with the tape to review before hand. They're all the same anyway. Well... this time I got to toss in an ex-boyfriend. Perhaps the history tape will require addenda.

Next shrinking is scheduled for two weeks from today.


Deneen said...

I hate first visits to the doctor because it's the whole history thing. It got to the point, I would bring my husband so he could give it. Eventually, I did a copy on Word so I could "refresh" my memory.

Good Luck

Trish said...

I can hear it now " You're not angry at your dad?" "you don't have fear of intimacy?" UGH, i hate the history part cuz to me, history is just that....history. It's in the past and time to move on. Treat me NOW!

noricum said...

Heh, yeah. And even if I was mad at my dad or had intimacy problems, the reason I'm there is because I've lost my work ethic, and want *that* back! I want to figure out why I'm tired all the time! Once I have my dissertation rolling again, *then* I can worry about things like whether or not I want to have a SO and/or start a family. It's not like I can have them while living in my mother's basement! ;)