Friday, April 27, 2007


I am once again looking after my dad's dog, Nicky. As of yesterday. I had told dad I wouldn't agree to it unless my brother was happy. Apparently he's happy. Strange!

Yesterday afternoon I *really* needed a nap. However, Nicky apparently really needed some lovin' in the form of a walk, and was broadcasting it to the entire neighbourhood. *sigh* Half an hour into the walk I noticed that he was really panting a lot, so decided to take him home to get some water. (Usually when we walk, he can snap up some snow... but the snow is all gone now.) He alternated gulping water and lying down. He didn't seem to want to walk any more, and in fact went into his kennel. I got my nap!

I pre-filled one book worth of enumerating forms while watching Grey's Anatomy last night. (This enumerating is really cutting into the knitting time... but is also producing low-guilt yarn money, so I'm not complaining.) I still have one more book to pre-fill. I'm thinking of taking it over and doing it in Nicky's yard before our walk... in the hopes that he'll calm down somewhat *before* we start to walk, and also perhaps so that he doesn't get the idea that "barking=walk". I don't know how successful I'll be, but it's worth the chance. After I'm done walking him I'll go out enumerating again. I get home around 4, which is a bit early for most people to be home. And since I mosly just have second visits now, I figure waiting until after 5 is a good idea.

Grey's was good, but left me feeling rather remorseful... well, that's not quite the right word. More lonely, and missing what I used to have. I had a nice talk with J afterwards. I'm glad that we're still friends. He's dating someone else now... which makes me sad for me, but happy for him. I want him to be happy. He's a really nice guy, and deserves it.

I think I might be getting some athlete's foot. I hate that. I've switched to sandals in the hopes of heading that off, but I don't really have good everyday sandals at the moment. Last fall my Birkenstocks were so decrepit I threw them out, and my other cushy leather sandals have *huge* cracks in the soles... which are only really a problem when it rains. I have two pair of Tevas, but the pair that's good with socks doesn't have good arch support, and the pair with good arch support doesn't really work with socks. Time to go sandal shopping. I hate sandal shopping... it's hard finding a comfortable pair that looks respectable and won't fall apart right away. Plus the fact that decent sandals are expensive (~$100). Oh well... time to bite the bullet. This is a necessary expense... I can't go barefoot after all.

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