Sunday, April 08, 2007


My brother's birthday was last Thursday. Everyone got a Kinder Surprise egg. This was my toy:
Kinder Surprise
I suspect I may know a boy who will enjoy this more than I will.

Nicky was bad today. Dad and I took him for a walk, but at one point he pulled the leash out of my hands and got ahold of a feral cat. Remember that friendly little calico I blogged about a while ago? Well, she's still in one piece... but she definitely looked hurt. Nicky shook her a bunch before we could get him off. (She wailed away at him too, but I definitely think she got the worse end of things.) *sigh* Poor cat. At least we got her free before she was killed.

In more upbeat news, I finished another square:
Sock Yarn Blanket WIP
That makes 97, assuming the red one doesn't felt when I test-wash it.

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omly said...

My daughter loves those Kinder Surprise Eggs. We started the tradition of them being included in her stocking 3 years ago, because my SO had such fond memories of getting them from his German family when he was little.