Sunday, April 29, 2007

Damn Dog

Grrrr. I just got back from walking Nicky. The neighbours complained that his barking was keeping them up. Apparently putting him in the "bad dog box" wasn't working. *sigh* So I put on some clothes and went over there.

When I let him out of the crate, he looked like he had had intravenous caffeine. And no interest whatsoever in shutting up.

So we walked. And this wasn't some "what a lovely evening for an after-midnight stroll." No, this was a "I AM PISSED OFF AT YOU AND DON'T YOU DARE MESS WITH ME" power walk.

Two thirds of the way around our first lap of the block, wonder-dog spotted a rabbit. Nicky WANTED BUNNY RABBIT! I did NOT want Nicky to have the bunny rabbit. Nicky vocalized his burning NEED FOR BUNNY RABBIT loudly. Dog, don't you DARE mess with me! I shortened the retractable leash so that it was just long enough that I wouldn't step on his heels (I considered making it even shorter, so that perhaps he'd learn to walk *beside* me... but I'm not that cruel even when mad), and walked him along the busy road: no rabbits, and enough traffic noise that hopefully the sleeping people wouldn't be bothered by him.

Nicky pooped at the *far* end, so I'd got to bag and carry his stinky poop all the way back. He was really panting at this point, so I took him home for water, hoping he'd now had enough exercise that he'd settle down. I left his yard through my dad's house, hopefully fooling him into thinking I'm just inside. I then took the long way home so that hopefully I wouldn't spoil the ruse.

So far, not a peep.

He'd better not!

Now to wind down so I can get back to sleep. *sigh*

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