Sunday, April 22, 2007


54 homes enumerated (two books, or 100 people), and another 38 homes visited with no one home. (Or was that 58 and 34? Whatever.) So basically I'm around 25% done! (There are 215 homes in total.) Oh, and I had miscounted the streets: there are only three, not four. Woo-hoo! I also pre-filled two more books. I had intended to go out again today after pre-filling one, but both B and dad were out with their cell phones, and I'm not allowed to work alone unless I have a cell phone. After dinner there wasn't much time until the sun set, so I decided to just pre-fill a second book. I have three more books that need pre-filling. My thumb is still numb. I'm trying to learn to hold my pen differently so that hopefully the problem will go away.

Sheesh, this enumerating results in rather boring blogging. In more interesting news:
  • Our daffodils started blooming yesterday. :)
  • Apparently the wild prairie crocuses are in peak bloom now... hopefully I'll get a chance to go out and see them before they stop. (I've never actually seen them in real life... and yet they're the provinical flower!)
I'll try to manage photos soon.

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