Sunday, April 29, 2007

Persistant Doggy

I took Nicky for a walk after lunch, and another ending just now. Each was well over an hour. According to Google Earth, tonight's walk was over four kilometers, but I'm sure Nicky walked triple that, the way he goes back and forth. What did he do when we got back from this walk? He drank some water, then walked over to the gate and looked at me: "more?"

Not tonight, doggy.

I think we met a drunk person tonight... or at least, a very strange one. He asked if Nicky was drunk, and then said he looked like me, that we looked like each other. I'd rather not look like a dog, thanks.

In other news, I discovered that some of the information I need in order to do my taxes properly (due tomorrow here in Canada) is still in boxes. What was *going* to be a quick half hour chore is now going to take rather longer. Whoops! This rather changes my plans for tomorrow. :P

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