Monday, April 16, 2007


Here's the story: my brother now has a blog. He sent out an e-mail a few minutes ago, letting us know what the address is. I went there to read it, even though there wasn't going to be much there yet. I found this.

Now, a bit of an explanation: I live in my mother's basement. Not only that, but a few weeks ago I moved several boxes from the garage to my basement bedroom floor so they wouldn't get wet from the water that comes into the garage in the spring. Since there isn't anything urgent in them, they've been just sitting there, waiting to be unpacked or properly stored.

My reaction: aaaaaaaaaaack! Basement flood! Water! All my stuff!!! Nooooooooooooooo!

My actions: call mom. (Phone busy.) E-mail mom, B, and brother.

Aftermath: phew! It turns out the water just went from the tank, across the floor to the drain on the other side of the basement. The carpet is wet. A filing cabinet needed to be moved. Probably lots of other stuff too, including at least two bookshelves... I didn't talk long, because mom was understandably busy. But *thankfully* my stuff is okay.

Hopefully the basement carpet doesn't start going moldy: I'm allergic to mold, and it's already allergy season as it is.

One last word on the water heater: it was replaced 10 years ago. The warranty on it was for nine years.

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