Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Good Things

I feel I should blog about some of the good things in my life... perhaps it will make me feel better too. (All the hugs are helping, thanks everyone!)

Good things from my time in Chapel Hil:
  • Lots of great friends.
  • The best SNB ever!
  • Spring pollen in Winnipeg is so *mild*... at least, it is so far. But given the misery my dad was in on Monday, I think I'm doing much better than I used to.
Other good stuff:
  • Reading good books I got from Freecycle. (I suppose this should be in the Chapel Hill list, since I got them before I left... I just didn't have time to read them before.)
  • I just helped a student with her LaTeX problem... I like being able to help people. (H is out at the moment.)
  • I'm thinking I'll let myself splurge a little with what I earn from enumerating... I'm thinking both some fiber from Lisa Souza and some beads. :)
  • I've another person I'll be doing a sock swap with, and Sockapalooza 4 will be starting soon.
  • Simple Sweaters arrived in the mail yesterday from Pink Su.
  • Seeing prairie crocuses yesterday for the first time. (Photos to come.)
  • Daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, and other flowers blooming in the garden.
Yes, this did help some. :) I'm still feeling slightly fragile, but I am feeling happier. Thanks again for all the hugs!

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