Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A String On My Finger

I'm feeling an urge to buy stuff right now, but I think if I post it here to remember for later, I'll manage not to.

Lisa Souza has really yummy looking fiber. I've enjoyed the BFL I've tried from other places, but I think it would be fun to try something new... like her superfine merino (mmmm... that "earth birth" is calling to me), or the scrumptious-looking wensleydale ("earth birth" looks even more amazing! ...but if I got both, merino and wensleydale, perhaps I should go for "electra" in one of them). Both of those fibers are $11 / 4 oz, so it would be $22 to try both. Not a scary price, but I probably should spin up my other fiber first.

Another site a fellow blogger linked to today, and I'm finding exceedingly dangerous, is Shipwreck Beads. I will let myself make a list, and that's it. (For now, at least.)
  • fishies: halibut orange/yellow (#82FH237, 8 PC $2.75), halibut capri/yellow (#82FH268, 10 PC $3.05)
  • Halloween: orange pumpkin head with pink body (#26AL999, 2 PC $5.50), charm witch hat silver (#PW166-S, 1 PC $1.95), Peru ceramic jack-o-lantern tiny (#14VN663, 3 PC $2.25)
  • porcelain animals: little sheep (#CI9135, 6 PC $2.75), red fox (#CI9140, 6 PC $2.50), panda bear (#CI9132, 6 PC $2.45)
  • 10mm dancing coins (#10FI708-G, 100 PC $5.75)
  • Czech drop blue with gold dust thread (#44CZ2775, 1 PC $2.50)
  • Peru ceramic raven tiny (#10VN453, 3 PC $2.25)
  • Czech swirls: ruby with white (#10CZ244-WS, 1 PC $2.70), light sapphire with seafoam (#10CZ273-WS, 1 PC $2.50), sapphire with white (#10CZ275-WS, 1 PC $2.50), emerald with white (#10CZ286-WS, 1 PC $2.50), pink with white (#10CZ292-WS, 1 PC $2.55) ...well, perhaps not all five colours...
Now, if I were to succumb and buy all of those beads, it would be... um... $46.45. Okay, I guess that wasn't as scary as I was expecting. Of course, I'd need some wire too, so that I could continue making stitch markers. (I'm all out of jump rings, and I figure it's just as easy to make my own. I'd get some thinner wire for stringing too, so that the rings and strings match. Plus some solder and a soldering iron... I'm tired of the non-soldered ones snagging occasionally.)

Of course, what on earth would I *do* with so many stitch markers?!?


dragon knitter said...

elektra is gorgeous. i have it in superwash,and it's just tasty! it is almost a semi-solid, though

noricum said...

I *like* semi-solids. :)