Saturday, April 07, 2007

Daddy's doggy loves me, yes he does!

Sheesh, LaTeX is kicking my ass these past few days. Why, oh why aren't there any nice academic CV style files floating around out there? (I eventually found one today, but it's more "resume" than "cv", and rather fancier than I want.)

Well, after getting fed up with LaTeX driving me around the bend, I decided to take a break and walk Nicky around the block.

Happy dog! Smelly dog loves me! Waggy-tail dog *loves* his walks!!!

...However, I could do without dad feeding him people-food-leftovers... the oil left in a can of smoked mussels, um, well... let's just say I know why they keep mineral oil in the drugstore, and this stuff seems to have worked on Nicky in what I imagine to be the same way. Ewwwww!

1 comment:

Kare said...

Smelly dog, smelly's not your fault.
hehe I couldn't resist that.
Happy Easter.