Sunday, April 15, 2007

Unusual Brownies

About a week ago, my folks and I were watching TV, and saw a recipe for brownies that reduced the amount of fat by using mashed beans. Strange! Tasty looking... could this be a low-guilt chocolate fix? Well, mom baked them up yesterday, and they were pretty good! They weren't identical to your regular brownies, but hey... they were low-guilt and tasty!

One slightly odd thing about the brownies was due to the fact that mom used the blender instead of the food processor: there wasn't enough liquid for the blender to mash them all properly, and so the occasional whole bean ended up in the brownies, and there were a number of bean skins that stuck to your teeth. If you make these, I highly recommend making sure the beans are thoroughly mashed! ;)

If you're curious and want to try the recipe for yourself, it's here.

Two other changes mom made: she used romano beans because she didn't have pinto beans (she forgot to write down which beans they called for, misremembered while at the grocery store, and we decided the two were probably close enough), and she used oat flour instead of wheat flour to make them gluten-free.

If you want another recipe to try, this is another gluten-free bean brownie recipe I found. I found it this morning when I forgot the url for the first recipe, and tried googling it. I haven't tried it yet, so I can't comment on it.


Deneen said...

Did they make you gassy? I would rather have the regular recipe and just eat a little (in all honesty).

Mandi said...

Thanks for sharing! My mother-in-law is extremely allergic to gluten. I always want to make her something, but I don't want to kill her in the process! Again, much appreciated.

noricum said...

They didn't make me gassy, but I don't have that problem with beans. Have you tried beano?


Vicki Knitorious said...

I would never have thought of using beans in brownies, but it makes pretty good sense. I'm so anxious to try this!! Thanks for posting -- and for the tips (mash, mash, mash!).