Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Dwindling Sock Yarn Stash

Sock Yarn Stash

*gasp*! I'm down to 12 pairs worth of sock yarn! (Counting the emergency ball at work, but not the pair in progress.) Pretty soon I'll have to allow myself to go sock yarn shopping!

Mmmmm! All of this will make pretty, pretty socks! I'm looking forward to each and every pair. :)


Deneen said...

12 pair of socks is a lot of crocheting still, but I understand the "need" for more yarn-I probably have enough yarn here for a zillion projects, but it's just not the "right" yarn, hence the panic for yarn shopping.

Knittah said...

You're doing better at shrinking the sock stash than me!

noricum said...

I wasn't saying I was going shopping immediately... but given the rate at which I make socks, what's left is only about a four month supply. ;)

moirae said...

That's pretty incredible.