Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Let Them Eat Pi

Kitty Pi

Starting yesterday I'll be having pi for lunch for a bit... kitty pi, that is. None of my other WIPs really seemed like a good lunchtime project, and H bought this yarn a while back for a kitty pi... so a new WIP of pi for me. :)

I didn't have the right size dpns, or a singular circ with a long flexible cable, so I decided to start off with the two circ method. DPNs would be nicer, but I'll survive. I don't expect to be using this size needle often, so no point in going out and buying dpns in this size. Plus I doubt it'll be long before I can switch to one circ.

Hmmm... actually, it would probably work fine using the shorter circ... it's only a 16", and the circumference looks about that now. Although the joins are a bit annoying on the 16"... it's Clover, and there's a bit of a hump between the cable and the needle.

Most likely I'll just keep doing it this way until it's long enough that I need to add an extender to the Boye needle.

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