Friday, January 09, 2009

Thrummed mittens

I finished the second pair:
and it turns out my fears about running out of yarn or roving were utterly baseless:
(I'm thinking of a stranded hat to match... any pattern suggestions?)

I've started my third pair too:
Still cute!

The boys came over and drew me a bunch of art for my fridge:
They're so cute. After drawing something, they tell me not to look, roll it up, give it to me, and tell me to open it! Hee! (Sometimes they give it an extra twist so that it won't unroll itself. It does make for wrinkled art, though.)


Vik said...

I like your mittens in all its color combinations!
I send you sunshine from here!

noricum said...


The only problem with sunshine is that the cloud cover generally creates warmer temperatures. ;) Sunshine sure would be nice, though!