Saturday, January 31, 2009

My New Knitting With Beads Tools

I've been working on Ice Queen (um, started in August at the lake, then ignored for many months until a day or two ago), but have been having problems with the beads I chose (size 8). Many of the light blue beads had holes that were just a smidge too small for my itty-bitty, size 0.75 mm crochet hook. So I made some beading tools:
(some steps not photographed due to the battery needing charging)
I made one for each colour, so I could just pre-load a bunch of beads on each.

Demo (I'm not at a stitch that needs a bead, so I just used the yarn tail):
Ta da!


Daph said...

Ha, that's genius!

noricum said...

Thanks! ;)

Muriel said...

This ice-queen is so pretty, especially with the beads.
I am not sure I like very much the bottom line though, I think I would have liked it more straight, or with a shape that makes sens on the body, or something else.
Are you doing it in Mohair too ?

noricum said...

I'm making it with Fleece Artist Peter Rabbit, and angora yarn.

Dandy said...

awsome idea!!