Monday, January 26, 2009


Cobblestone WIP

I'm now at the point where I need my size US 5 dpns. They aren't where I thought they were. While I searched alternate places they could be hiding, I found this vintage set (19 cents!) that someone gave me when they were cleaning out stuff, but they're bigger than a US 5. Anyone see a set of US 5 dpns lying around somewhere? They're bamboo, I think Clover brand. *sigh*

Now I *really* wish I had tossed in a set of US 5 Harmony needles in my KnitPicks order, like I had contemplated. (I checked. They aren't on the bill. So much for being responsible. ;) )

Grrr. (There are more places I can look, but they're more difficult due to clutter, container sizes, and last year's moving mess.)


Muriel said...

I am quiet desperate because I have some knitted pants in cashmeere that come from my (dead) mother, and horror, there is a little hole in it, from an insect I guess.
What should I do ?

noricum said...

First, put the item in the freezer, then research how to kill any potential insects that might still be feasting on the yarn. I believe if you freeze it, thaw it, then freeze it again, you'll kill them, but you should find someone with more experience than me.

Second, you want to darn the hole. Find some yarn that is as close a match as you can, both in fiber, colour and in thickness. Do you know how to knit? If so, the most invisible darn will start by reinforcing the stitches below the hole, then simultaneously knitting up where the threads are missing in the hole, and following the threads at the edges of the hole (for reinforcing, attaching of the patch, and making sure the cut threads don't unravel), and finally transitioning back to reinforcing the stitches above the hole. (By reinforcing, I mean follow the path of the old yarn to weave in the new yarn.)

I recommend practising on a swatch first. (Pretend it has a hole in the middle.)

If you don't know how to knit, find a friend that does. ;) (But don't ask them to do anything before you make sure all the insects and their eggs are dead. They will not like it if you infect their stash.)

Muriel said...

Thank you for the answer.

Actually that hole has been there for a few years, I just forgot about it until today.
I've been wearing the pants all day, I was so happy with them and this evening, horror, I saw the hole.
Now I remember that a few years ago I didn't know if I should keep them because of the hole or not.

I just registered for a beginner knitting class, but we will make only scarfs for a while.
I registered because I saw in the store these gorgeous hats that were to make and not to sell.
But hats are the topics of a more advanced class.
I guess I won't be able to do anything about my hole before some time, if I ever get there.

I don't have friends who knit.
Actually I don't have close friends here.

Muriel said...

Ouch, I just found another hole.

noricum said...

It could be a weak spot that broke because you wore the pants, or it could be the bugs aren't dead. (Make *sure* the bugs are dead!)

Muriel said...

I am sure the bugs are dead.
These holes have been made a few years ago in another country, and I don't have any problem with my other clothes.
If I give you the money for the shipping, the wool and the work, would you repair it for me ?

noricum said...

Can you e-mail me photos, so I have an idea of the degree of the problem? Please include a ruler for scale.