Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can I Get An EWWWWWWW!!!!!?

Background story, part 1: I live in an apartment. The tub is white (well, it was after I scrubbed it, it was grey when I moved in), and the bathtub surround is sort of an off-white-yellow. Now, it's a bit odd to have a white tub and an off-white surround, but then, landlords are usually thinking more about cost when they renovate, not aesthetics. So I wondered about it, but not really that much. I did notice it fading over time, so I figured at least some of the colour was due to some previous tenant being a smoker. (The condensation on the walls and ceiling was yellow too... that's getting better.) I wondered just what colour the surround had been originally.

Background story, part 2: There was a stick-on hook on the surround that kept getting mildewy, due to it's location with respect to the spray from the shower. I never use the hook, and the caretaker had expressed his extreme displeasure with stick-on stuff when I moved in, so I took the liberty of removing it today.

Here's the spot after removing the hook, scraping off a bit of remaining sticky stuff, and wiping it with a wet cloth during my shower:
Smoke Stain
The white square is a piece of printer paper I'm holding up for colour reference purposes. Apparently the hook had been put up while smokers were living there, and it had prevented the stains from being washed off. EWWWWWWWW!!!! Can you imagine what it was doing to the smoker's *lungs*?!?!!!

Now, that got me thinking again of what colour the surround had started off as, and the fact that it was odd to have the surround a different colour than the tub.

That's when I realized that this spot:
Smoke Stain
showes the original colour, or, at least, the original colour under non-smoking ageing conditions.

I had noticed the pale spot before, but the bit of white paint, and some of whatever that filler is, threw me off realizing that it was actually the original colour. (This spot is where a shower contraption was attached before the plumbing was upgraded. The contraption would have been installed at the same time the surround was installed.)

Look at that pale, near-white spot, and the still-stained surface around it. Now look again at the stain that has been protected from washing:
Smoke Stain
Ewwwww! (Now be thankful that I didn't show it to you before I scrubbed it some!)

Smokers: The habit you are addicted to is truly disgusting. It smells disgusting, you and your clothing smell disgusting (please wash your outerwear regularly too!), it is harmful to you and those around you, and it stains things. Ew.

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