Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Few Bad Apples?

Rules Reminder

Hmmm... could this be a case of a few bad apples making things worse for the bushel? Not that there's a bushel of tenants in this block.

There's one tenant that regularly uses more than his alloted one parking space, but he's moving out in February. There's another tenant that has added a vehicle recently, but I think it's the fellow below me, and I saw his regular vehicle being brought here by tow truck, and the "new" vehicle that appeared has been parking tight up against the old one.

This had better not affect my ability to occasionally park a vehicle in my spot.

As to the other "rule reminders", I'm guessing it's mainly against one tenant... she sometimes has people over late (and they aren't super quiet), she leaves her stroller beside her door (in a completely out-of-the-way spot), and it was her guest that I dragged outside when I caught him smoking indoors. Her downstairs neighbour complains whenever there's noise there late, and the caretaker doesn't like her either.

The "no partying after 10 pm" rule is phrased in such a way that it really has no effect against Mr Party-Of-One below me. (Grr. Although it's been a few weeks since he bothered me last.) I wonder how this rule affects me having a friend over for spinning? (I can't remember what time we normally go to.)

I did notice a strong smell of... cigars? in the hall yesterday when I got home, but I have no idea if it was someone in the hall, or if it spilled out of someone's suite.

There's other tenants that leave bikes in the storage room that aren't in their lockers, and another guy who has a set of tires not in his locker... but these rules don't really address this either.

The grease stains on the paper sure add some class to the notice too. :P


Muriel said...

You can not have friends overnight ?
It says no social gathering after 10 pm.
Does that mean that your friends have to leave before 10 pm ?
What do you do when it is your birthday ??

noricum said...

I must admit I had some of the same thoughts on that rule, and am somewhat disappointed... it's not as if *I* have loud parties. :( Of course, walking around noises get transmitted to the apartment below.

Anonymous said...

"No social gatherings after 10 p.m." is a ridiculous rule IMO. You're an adult, renting your own place, and your apartment manager is not acting "in loco parentis" -- in some dorms the RA is acting as such and this rule would make more sense (thus the dorm question on your flickr page).

I'd ask for clarification on this rule personally. No LOUD gatherings after 10 p.m. is acceptable because it's polite to your other neighbors (and likely there's probably a noise ordinance from the city anyway), but to not be allowed to have friends over past that hour at all is ridiculous.

noricum said...

I think I will ask for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Parking on the street next time I visit, last thing you need to do is give this owner another 5$ for having a friend who has the audacity to have a car to drive to your home.
Kinda crazy rules. Manitoba Housing will have the PROPER rules and regs as to what this person IS and IS NOT allowed to tell his tenants to do.
Just me, and my two month fight with Manitoba Housing and their pathetic 'tenants rights' handbook.
And lets face it, the fellow below you had the guts to complain about you making too much noise, I'm fairly sure you have proof of all the problems you've had with his 'late night party of one' escapades!? He wouldn't be able to complain much.

noricum said...

Park in my spot when you visit. If he tried to charge me (before I get the clarification, or even after), I'll complain to him. I think he's more concerned about the residents taking multiple spots for long term. Plus, you don't stay all night.

Do you have a link to that? I can never find anything with my google-fu. (A web site is pretty bad if my google-fu fails.)

I don't think this was sent to just me, I think this was sent to all the tenants in the block, so that he couldn't be accused of picking on certain people without concrete proof.