Sunday, January 04, 2009

Thrummed Mittens (still in progress)

For anyone who was wondering how far one ball of Manos went...
Thrummed Mittens WIP
...this is how far I got on the ladies/medium size of the Briggs and Little pattern. I'm not sure if the second mitten looks narrower because I knit tighter, or because the thrums are bigger (making it poofier), but it still seems to fit, so I'm not that worried about it. After I got to this point (way too late... I wanted to see how far the ball went before going to bed), I realized that I knit one fewer rows before starting the decreases on the second mitten. I can't decide whether to leave it as is, or rip back and reknit. (It's the thrums that make it hard to decide... both because they'd be a nuisance to frog, and because they make the difference more visible.)

Oh... and don't worry about the yarn. I still have a whole second ball. :)

PS: What's with this cold weather again? I thought working on these mittens would keep it warm?!? ;)


Vera H. said...

Lovely mittens. They look nice and toasty.

Светлана Узких said...

they are incomparable!!! wow!

noricum said...

Thanks! :)