Saturday, January 24, 2009

No wonder my time disappears...

So, after my shower, I went downstairs and started my laundry. (Yay! The facilities were not in use!) As I was sorting laundry, the building caretaker came in, and we started chatting. He started off by complaining about the tenant whose suite he's repairing right now (the pipes in that section were replaced in early December, he's finally finishing the patching now... and yes, the tenant complains about the caretaker too), and we started talking about stuff that people do that we don't like. I mentioned that I can't wait for one family to move out, because they're heavy smokers, and the smell gets into the hallway. That reminded me of something in the bathroom, and, after moving my first load into the dryer and starting the second load, I took him up to show him. (You'll see it in a bit too, I've got a post coming about it.) Then I showed him the damage that the ice caused, gave him a candy cane from my Christmas tree (yes, I know), we talked about how the tree was growing, he asked about a painting I'm working on (post coming), then he noticed my spinning wheel. I ended up demonstrating spinning with the wheel, spinning with a spindle, yarns have different thicknesses (etc) depending on what you're making, then explaining about the fact that there's different sheep breeds, and different breeds have different qualities. That moved on to the fact that there's different breeds of chickens (I happen to have an old calendar with photos to prove it)... and then I think my buzzer buzzed to indicate it was time to go down and retrieve my first load from the dryer. We continued to talk while I switched that load, but he let me go afterwards.

Now it's 7 pm, I still haven't washed my dishes (or taken down the Christmas tree) or had dinner. (I need to wash dishes to eat tonight.)

Time sure has a way of evaporating. (I did a bit of blog reading too after changing the wash.)

(Conversations with my caretaker are a bit of work... he's partially deaf, and somewhat simpleminded. You have to talk loud, slow, and explain lots. Kind of like when I'm running the help centre.)

Well, I suppose I should go attack those dishes so that I can eat. I'm hungry. Perhaps I'll steam some broccoli first... that pot is still clean. I'll just eat dinner in shifts. Whee.

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