Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Staying Warm, Crafting

Tonight, after a nice, long nap, I stayed in and did crafts. :)

First, I swatched for my Cobblestone sweater:
Cobblestone Swatch
(Yay! I swatched! Good me!) Given that the wool is superwash, and the yarn also contains cotton, silk, and seacell, I wanted to see how the gauge would behave. I got stitch gauge, but the row gauge was too loose. Then I washed the swatch (yay me!) to see what happened when it hit water:
Cobblestone Swatch Cobblestone Swatch
It looks like it grew, but I'll measure again tomorrow after it's dry.

I'm a bit bummed, because I don't have Addi lace or KnitPicks needles in a size US6, but perhaps I'll need to go down to a US5. ;) (I have Boye interchangeables, but they're not nearly as nice.)

Then I spun up and plied the rest of the roving from the green thrummed mittens, and got 36 yards:
Merino Handspun
Since I want to use that yarn shortly (to make a matching tuque), I gave it, and Curly Sue's yarn (similar colours) a finishing bath:
Handspun Soaking

Okay... time for bed. Good night, sleep tight, and stay warm!

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