Sunday, January 04, 2009


Dear Fashion Industry,

You suck. For some reason, you have decided that women's jeans should contain spandex/lycra/crap, and should not have pockets. (Or, if you do put pockets on, you choose to either make them useless, or in insufficient number.)

I am a somewhat "fluffy" woman. I would like 100% cotton jeans with good pockets (two in the front and two in the back) that fit me. I have a long waist, short legs (I'm willing to hem, if you can fit the rest), and "junk in the trunk". I would sew my own, but I am really not a good seamstress.

Please and thank you,

PS: If you take a look at guys jeans, that's what I want... but ones that fit booty and have a waist.


Deneen said...

I wrote a post about this way back in 2005, same complaints.

I ended up buying Levis off of eBay in the 100% cotton-

noricum said...

That post reminds me of the lovely muffin top one of the pairs of jeans I tried on today gave me.

I don't dare order anything online... I'm an odd enough shape that it would require *lots* of returning. *sigh*.

Wendy said...

Do they have a Dress Barn where you live? I have found the best fitting pants there.

noricum said...

I've never heard of it, so I googled it... looks like Dress Barn is US only.

Anonymous said...

My problem is finding them long enough and getting them to fit in the hips and waist. I'm hippy but have a waist. It seems that they think women with my size hips are also overweight.

I've had the best luck ordering custom-fit jeans through JC Penney's website. It takes a few weeks but if they don't fit you can return them. (And if there is a store near you, no charge for return shipping.) Hope this link works.|54552

noricum said...

Nope, no JC Penny stores in Canada. Hmmm... and those are still stretch jeans. I'll keep that in mind, though (assuming they ship to Canada).

laura said...

yes please! and while we're at it, lets make them somewhat sturdy. they are denim after all.

noricum said...

Yes, yes! I hate it when they wear out right away! These are *jeans*, people!!!