Sunday, January 25, 2009


I loved that pot.

Today, while washing my "chili pot", I discovered a crack:

While examining the crack, wondering if I could get away with continuing to use it, or if it would "explode" (corningware does that)... it slipped, hit the faucet, and cracked off the handle:

Farewell, dear pot. You served me well, and I shall miss you.


Bethany said...

Poor pot. :-( I like the Visions cookware, but now that it's out of production it's so hard to find. :-(

When my Visions Dutch Oven cracked, I kept it to use for dying.

I admit my new Dutch Oven (a Lodge cast-iron enamel-coated oven) does please me. And, it won't break if I drop it (although it might break whatever I drop it ON).

noricum said...

I'm thinking of stopping in at some thrift shops tomorrow. They tend to show up occasionally there, and aren't snapped up right away, since you need to know how to cook with them so as to not burn stuff on the bottoms. (Ironically, after learning how to cook with them, I keep burning stuff on the bottom of metal pots now.)

Since the handle broke off cleanly, and happens to have the size printed on it, I stuck it in my coat pocket.

Have you used the cracked pot yet? (I've already put mine in the trash, but I'm curious whether it would have died the next time I heated it.)

noricum said...

Huh... looks like they might be back in production again:

Bethany said...

Ooo, new Visions. Very cool.

Yup, Goodwill is where I got my Visions saucepans.

I have used the dutch oven again and it has not exploded yet. (Fingers crossed.)

noricum said...

Cool! Here's hoping it stays non-exploding! ;)