Monday, January 12, 2009

Curly Sue

There is something green and fuzzy in my living room. 77 yards of green and fuzzy two-ply yarn, to be exact:
Two-ply Yarn
plus some more singles, waiting to be plied:
This yarn is from Sheeples, from a sheep named Curly Sue. I spun one of the singles straight from the roving, and the other from the fold (over my finger). I also spun thicker than I normally do. I felt I should branch out, and practise different things. I tend to get lumps and thin spots when spinning from the fold. (I guess that means I need more practise.)

No, I have no specific plans for this handspun. I simply had to get it because I met the sheep. It will probably go into the sampler sweater I plan on making when I have enough random bits of handspun spun up.

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