Sunday, January 11, 2009

Take that, Fashion Industry

The fashion industry, when it comes to women's pants, still sucks. I tried Mark's Work Warehouse. Their jeans only had stretch too. :P

Here's a pair of men's jeans, purchased oversized, and four tucks added by me:
New Jeans
*Love*! (I need to shorten them too, but I'm going to make sure they've stopped shrinking before I do.) I have no idea how flattering or not these are, but they're *comfortable*! They have *pockets*! *REAL* pockets!!! And are 100% cotton denim! Ahhh!

I get a kick out of the "decorative stitching" on the back pocket too. It's like a designer said "we need to put something here... let's just draw a line for now, and we'll figure out something nice and masculine later", and then completely forgot about it. (The only way it would be better is if the lines were crooked, and differently crooked!) Hee!


Anonymous said...

Now, see, I like the bit of stretch. The way I'm shaped, it means I don't have to wear a belt with my jeans like I did when I was teenager and my jeans didn't have any stretch. (Finding it difficult to type while a cat rests his head on my keyboard...)

noricum said...

I don't mind if *some* jeans have stretch. After all, there are people, like you, who *want* stretch in their jeans. What I *do* object to, though is when *all* pants, including jeans, have stretch, leaving people like me in the cold. (Literally. It's cold when you don't own pants.)