Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Feel-Good Cause

My neighbour was over yesterday to borrow the phone, and noticed the thrummed mittens I'm making. (I'm over half way through the second mitten!) She said her kids were complaining that their current mittens weren't keeping their hands warm, and asked if I could make them some thrummed mittens. (She offered to pay me... I figure I'll let her pay what she thinks they're worth and can afford, and I'll consider the rest a gift. I didn't want to enlighten her about yarn/roving costs.)

Later that day, though, I had an idea that would get their little hands warmer much faster... and came up with these:
(Okay, they're a little wonky... sewing machines are not my forte.) These are two layers: the outside layer is from an old wool coat (content is wool & nylon) that I fulled, and the inside is from an old sweater that I fulled. (I can't remember if it was an angora sweater, or a cashmere sweater, but whatever it is, it's *really* soft.)
Yes, white/cream is not the best colour for little boys, but I was working with what I had. And they should be *really* warm. :) (After all, they'll be wearing a coat *and* a sweater on their hands!)

There's a bit of elastic in the cuffs that my neighbour rescued from something she had been intending to donate to the church. Completely recycled mittens. :) (And *cute*, if I do say so myself!)

PS: Why is it that *after* I finished cutting the sweater to bits, I remember that I had intended to make a hot water bottle cover out of it? *sigh* Well, keeping little hands warm is more important.)

PPS: I still intend to make them the thrummed mittens too.


Dandy said...

those little mitts are great and will be SO warm ( which is what counts most with this weather)
but to make sure that the boys will wear them... you could dye them together with the boys?? a little bit of blue koolaid would surely do the trick

noricum said...

Hmmm... that's a possibility. Although the other boy's favourite colour is red/pink... and I'm not sure the parents want him walking around with pink mittens. ;)

dragon knitter said...

you can get a good redfrom strawberry koolaid. ask me how i know, lol.

noricum said...


The nylon content wouldn't make it pink? (I'm not sure how nylon takes dye.)