Friday, December 04, 2009


First day back after being, and I spent over 12 hours at school (arrived a few minutes before 9 am, left at 9:10 pm), with only a 50 minute break for lunch. :( It was after 10 pm when I finally made it home. I had a bite to eat, unwound for a bit, and now I'm off to bed.

Not that I'm fully ready for class tomorrow, even with all the prep. There'll be some "winging it"... *sigh*

Am I allowed to whine?

One of the profs was *really* glad to see me back. That was nice. And, although the help centre was *busy*, I had enough energy to handle it. (Sleeping for two days was something I *needed*, gastroenteritis or not.)

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Sara said...

Of course you are allowed to whine! Don't overdo!

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