Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The night before last, I didn't sleep well. I was achy all night. (I think it's the cold, and weather systems.) So, last night, I tucked myself in with *two* hot water bottles. I started off with one by my feet, and one by my side. I was *toasty* warm. :) Later on that night I moved the foot one up by my other side, and it was dreamy, being nestled between the two. (Perhaps I should get a third?)

The only downside is that it was *really* hard to tear myself away from them this morning. :(

For a chuckle, check out these snow flakes on Savage Chickens. ;)


Anonymous said...

I don't have hot water bottles, but I do have little furry heating elements named Puddin', Penny, Neville and Andrew. :-) Pud is particularly good at keeping me warm, as she likes to snuggle down under the covers.

noricum said...