Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Oy Vey. (Warning: TMI)

I'm sick. I'm losing my lunch (literally), from both directions. Ugh. I've e-mailed in sick, and turned off my alarm. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep without too many interruptions. (I've got a large bowl on standby, just in case.)

I hate being sick.

Anyone have any "get better faster" recommendations?


jess said...

oh no! I am so so so so so sorry. feel better soon. :( :( :(

noricum said...

Thank you!

Sara said...

I hope you feel better soon. :-(

Rhiannon said...

Gravol, either ginger or regular. Also, make sure to keep eating, dry toast is good, try having something with a fair amount of fibre. Oatmeal is even better, very easy to throw up and will bulk you up enough that the other end will be a little better too. And stay hydrated!! Get better soon hon!!

noricum said...


I don't have any gravol. (Don't I want the bad stuff out anyway? I don't know... I don't have this kind of thing often.)

Not much with fibre around here, given that I'm allergic to whole wheat. I have Cheerios, but my milk substitute is quite sweet, and sweet things can aggravate it, from what I've been told.

No toaster either, although I do have some white bread. (Kind of freezer burned.)

I'm thinking of either risotto (if I get up the energy), or chicken stock with noodles.

Anonymous said...

You need the "crab" diet: Clear fluids, Rice, Apple sauce, and Bananas. Or the "brat" diet: Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, and Toast. Generally, eat things with lots of fiber and drink things that are very close to water (water being best), avoid greasy things and dairy. As the patient gets better, we add canned pears packed in water and boring cookies or crackers (graham wafers are good). Later on, we add chicken noodle soup (too greasy to eat when you aren't nearly all better), and chicken itself (especially, a small amount of chicken breast).

I hope you feel better soon!


noricum said...

Thanks! (Hmmm... I wonder if I can convince anyone to go grocery shopping for me...)