Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Still sick. Ate a bit tonight, and visited the loo shortly thereafter. :( Given the time span between eating and unmentionable, if I tried to go in to school tomorrow morning, that would place me on the bus for the second event. I found a replacement for my class in the morning, and my "boss" agrees that I should probably keep my germs home tomorrow.

Hopefully I'll be well enough in the evening to do the stocking swap at knitting. (I'm the organizer, and there isn't a good alternate night. :( ) If I do go in, I'll probably just do the swap and go home.

H suggests the "crab" diet: Clear fluids, Rice, Apple sauce, and Bananas, or the "brat" diet: Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, and Toast.

Apples: Allergic.
Bananas: Out of stock, and have been since the last time I thought I should cut back. (It's a sometimes allergy.)
Clear fluids: Check.
Toast: I have frost covered bread in the freezer (my schedule hasn't left much time for preparing lunches), but no toaster. I'll give the thawed bread a try, though.
Rice: Got that. Will try that too.

Tonight I tried some oatmeal, as suggested by Rhiannon. I managed a few bites (I put honey on it, so it was relatively edible). Then I cooked up some clear boxed chicken stock and udon noodles. I managed to eat all of that. Plus I had some ginger and lemon herbal tea.

I am now completely out of honey (it was on my grocery list, but grocery shopping has been sporadic lately) and clean bowls (I was going to do dishes Sunday, but dad took me out to buy himself a video camera instead, and it's been months since I've seen him... and I couldn't wash them last night, because dad wanted me to use his new video camera to tape a concert). I suppose that neither rice nor bread require bowls.

I hate gastroenteritis. *sigh*

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