Tuesday, December 08, 2009


The website hosting the forums I'm supposed to read and reply to has been up and down like a yo-yo since last night. The techies keep bringing it back up, and it keeps dying. So what was a break on reading the forums has become a kind of disaster management with my own students, who have an assignment due tomorrow. (I can see why they'd be panicked.) Making matters worse is that I don't have correct e-mails for a number of them, so they aren't getting my e-mails. I respond to them one-by-one as they send me their identical tales of woe. (I'm not belittling them, I just wish my mass mailing had gotten to all of them.)

That reminds me, I should add those e-mails addresses to my full list, so they get future e-mails. (Okay, done.)

Today I had a bit of time at the end of lunch, so I wandered over to get some more eyeglass cleaner (turns out they make you pay if you don't bring your bottle in... and it's not cheap!!!), and visit the bookstore, which is still having a big sale. I bought a few canvases (I've gotten a commission! and have had several expressions of interest!), and splurged on a Chinese Brush Painting book. :) Guess what I'm doing over Christmas break? (Well, when I'm not catching up on sleep, or working, or cleaning my apartment, or...)

Today was nice. The teeth cleaning went well, the help centre was relaxed (people there the whole time, but not crazy busy), I left right at 4:00, and, after putting out a few fires, I went to the Christmas pizza party at the art club. After coming home, I watched a movie I had recorded this weekend. Now I'll do a bit of class prep (I'm mostly ready, although I have no idea what I'll do as a review... I guess just answer questions), and then head to bed.

I have some chores to take care of evening tomorrow:
1. Add up what I owe my mom for framing and printing, and write the cheque.
2. Do something with the roast in the fridge I bought to make beef jerky. (Possibly cut into smaller pieces to freeze and deal with later.)
3. Order the silk painting workshop supplies, and send a subtotal to the people in charge of finances. (I won't know exchange rate and duties until later.)
4. Water the wilting houseplants. (Perhaps I should do that tonight...)
5. Finally write that letter that was supposed to be done a month ago. (I have the needed material now. Perhaps I can get that done at school, if the help centre is slow.)
6. Stop off at Sears on the way home and stock up on underwear.

Hmmm... that list is looking kind of long... I think I'll go water those wilting houseplants now. (I'm sorry, my plants! I don't *mean* to neglect you so!)

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Sara said...

This post relaxed me for some reason. I just sort of felt your calm. Sorry about the web-woes, though.