Wednesday, December 02, 2009


It is *nippy* out there! Winter seems to have arrived.

After sleeping all day again today, I ventured out to knitting tonight... as organizer for the stocking swap, and no decent alternate dates before Christmas, I felt I had to be there. Plus, I was treating it like a trial run for going back to work tomorrow. I seem to have survived, so back to the grind tomorrow. (Plus I figured I'd sleep better if I got out for a bit.)

Well, I need to go wash some dishes so that I'll have a clean bowl for breakfast. I was successful with two bananas, some bizarre toast-like things, wild rice, and (breaking the rules) *orange* juice, so I'm going to venture having a bowl of cheerios tomorrow morning. (I'm debating having one tonight as a trial.) For lunch I plan on packing the rest of the wild rice I cooked tonight, a banana, plain bread, and (crossing fingers) my homemade hummus. Given that I'll be at work late tomorrow (*sigh*), I'll need *something* to subsist on. I *won't* pack yoghurt though... H says milk products are a no-no until later (I use a substitute on my cereal), plus, with my intolerance, yoghurt messes with my system a bit anyway. (I plan on throwing out the last three snack containers of yoghurt... they are "best before" November 27th, and *should* be fine... but why risk it, what with my intolerance and recent illness.)

Sorry for the boring post!


Sara said...

Glad you are on the mend.

jess said...

phew! glad to hear you survived your trip out and seem to be feeling better!