Monday, December 28, 2009


Recently I've been pulled in many directions. Tonight, dad wants me to come to his choir dinner so that I can play back the recordings. About an hour ago he asked if he could get me at 4 pm so that we could all go over to his wife's house so she could make the chicken salad.

The chicken is at his house. His wife and the rest of the supplies are at her house.

At first I reluctantly said okay, I'd be ready... but I have a *ton* of stuff to do for myself around here, and she has a cat. So I firmed up my backbone, called back, and said "she doesn't live that far away... could you please just get me when it's time to go to the dinner."

Dad was evasive, saying we'd see what happens when she calls... so I'm not sure I got through to him... but we'll see.

As a friend once said to me:
"Bad planning on your part does not make for an emergency on my part."
I need to take that more to heart, so that all of my stuff doesn't end up "emergency" due to spending too much time on other people's stuff, stressing me the heck out. (Like when dad invited me for boxing day dinner, and I ended up cooking half of it, and sitting around while the chicken roasted... when I had thought I'd have the afternoon for getting my own stuff done.)

After all, it's not my fault the chicken is at the wrong house... or that dad won't take responsibility for making the potluck item for his own event.


cifarelli said...

Your dad and his wife don't share a house? That sounds.....very weird. Though I guess if your dad is involved, I should expect weird?

noricum said...

Yeah, that's my thought too. They're working towards it, though. There's two main problems currently... she has a cat, my dad has my brother. :P