Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, I made a tiny bit of progress towards cleaning today. I had intended to make more progress, but then life happened. As I was making grand plans for progress while in the shower, my dad called... and asked me to come help cook dinner. (No, it *wasn't* almost dinner time when he called... it was not long after lunchtime. However, he was roasting a chicken, and needed my assistance.) So, instead of spending all afternoon cleaning, before going over to dad's for dinner, I spent a small amount of time cooking, and a largish amount of time waiting. I made good use of the time waiting, and finished off my step-dad's socks. (Only a day late... and I would have made more of an effort of having them done on time had I realized earlier that I *hadn't* in fact bought two mini screwdriver sets, one for my brother, and one for my step-dad... I had only bought one. Whoops.) I also started on a present for H. (Sorry R, I started H's first, since hers has been waiting longer.)

So. After dinner I did a bit of tidying, a bit of blog reading, a long bit of talking on the phone, then some attacking of the office mess.

Accomplishments in the office mess:
• Sorted some papers into recycling/scrap/keep
• put some other stuff in recycling
• threw a few things out
• transferred my sock yarn from one long, shallow rubbermaid container into two smaller, deeper containers... in which they plus a few more skeins fit much better, and freeing up the long container to put saws and other tools in. (I'll probably need to dedicate another box for the other skeins in various places, but I'll gather them up later, once I know if I'll need that box sooner for other office junk. I'll get more containers on my next shopping trip, when I've used up the current set, and have a better idea of what size I want to buy more of.)
• collected a bunch of painting supplies from around the office, dusted them off, and put them in a rubbermaid container. (They're partly things I wasn't using while painting the pet series, but will get back to using now that I can play with other styles. The rest was supplies passed along to me by a friend, and haven't needed yet.)
• put some of my art show supplies back in the card box, which I had partially emptied while I took it around to flog my cards to various friends. ;)
• collected up and stashed away packing materials (in an easily accessible but relatively out-of-the-way place... possibly not their "final away" location, but good enough for now.)
• wrapped and stored the spare piece of glass from a frame that I didn't need glass for
• stored my spare "palette" (a discarded plastic hospital tray), and quilting rulers and cutting mats.
• returned a few loose "fastener" category items to the "fastener" box.

Hmmm... written up like that, it does feel like more of an accomplishment, and does explain where the time went. ;) (Not that I had a lot of time, what with the interruptions today.)

Oh... I also finished straightening out the fins on the back of the air conditioner before my shower... now to the actual *cleaning* part. (Ick! It looks *disgusting* inside, from my peek through the vents!)

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