Thursday, December 31, 2009

Office Progress

Yay! More progress made in tidying my office! Some things put away, some things sorted and closer to away, pile-o-paper recycled, and a few things tossed. :)

However, it's after midnight now, and in my quest to get back on a more normal schedule, I should pack it in for the night.

For now, I leave you with some bad poetry, written when I was a teenager, discovered tonight. (Dated, of course, because you should always know when you wrote your bad poetry. For the record, this one is from January 27, 1995.) By the lack of capital letters, I'd say we had been studying e. e. cummings in school around then. Wait a sec... January 1995 would put me in first year university, and I didn't study e. e. cummings then. I guess he had just made a big impression on me earlier.

these giants. (I think this is the title.)
great grean hulking (I misspelled *green*?!?)
breathing beasts.
rough skin
green hair
down beneath
the surface
these giants
their toes dig
dig deep
into the earth
where water flows
blood of the earth
sticky sap crawls
blood of beasts.
Look up. (A capital letter?? For emphasis, or out of habit?)
see the pattern.
lattice leaves.
leaves breathless beholders
for the gift of breath
breath of life
Look up. (Capitalized again... must have been on purpose.)
compared to
these giants
we are small.

(This is copyright me... don't steal my bad poetry. Write your own.)

So... when you were a teenager, did you write bad poetry and hide it in secret places? I did. (This was found in an under-bed box that got left behind at my mom's when I went off to grad school.) Back when I wrote it, the thought of someone else reading my poetry was painfully embarrassing... but for some reason, I wrote it down anyway. (At this point, I'm far enough removed from that "me" to look back and laugh. Mostly.)


Daph said...

I did the *exact* same thing when I was younger! I don't think I have many (if any) left still, I was too embarrassed, to keep them (let alone show them!) LOL

noricum said...

The only reason I still have them is that I'm a pack rat. ;)

jessie said...

This is honestly about 10 times better than some of the submissions we get from a Real Poet to our newspaper.

Thanks for sharing!

noricum said...

Thank you! I must admit that I have no idea how to distinguish between "good" and "bad" poetry.