Sunday, December 20, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Loved to death. Repaired for "good rag" status, so it doesn't completely come apart in the wash.

Tonight, in my effort to tidy the kitchen, I washed dishes. And washed dishes. And washed dishes. I reduced three sinks worth of hot, soapy water to a state of grungy sudslessness. (There I go again, making up words for effect.) I got *nearly* all the dishes washed, there was just a bit more plastic left. But I had enough... and apparently so had the dishcloth.

Once the dishes drip-dry, I'll be able to put away the last of the really annoying things on the table (the food dehydrator and box), and I'll be ready to get down to marking. Yes, I could towel-dry the dishes, but it's already 1:40 am... so it's time to fold the laundry and go to bed.

No, I won't be getting as much marking done this weekend as I had hoped. Tomorrow there's dinner at my mom's, I need to go grocery shopping (I'm running low on, or am out of, a number of items), and I'll sleep late to make up for being up so late. *But*, the kitchen is better than it has been for a *long* time. It still has a ways to go... the floor and baseboards are nasty, and likely so is the top of the fridge... but it's no longer contributing nearly as much to the mental clutter. (My surroundings really affect my emotional state.) Once the marking is done, I can think about the floor, baseboards, etc.

Tomorrow, the air conditioner will be moving from the window (yay!) to the table (boo!). It needs to thaw so that I can clean it (after the marking is done) and store it for the winter (preferably *not* on my kitchen table).

Tomorrow will be busy. Monday will be busy. Tuesday will be busy. (I'm stopping this train of thought here... *before* I get too stressed to sleep.)

For now, laundry and bed. Good night.

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