Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Kidney Stones

I think I have another kidney stone. Luckily, except for one or two momentary twinges, it's been pain free... but it seems to be sitting in my bladder right now, and settling at the opening of the urethra when I visit the ladies room. It's annoying. :P Hopefully it'll finish passing soon... preferably without requiring a hospital visit for assistance. (I'm kind of baffled at how it made it from the kidneys just fine, but is now having trouble making it down the urethra. I thought the urethra was bigger than the ureter.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Is there somebody around to take you to the hospital if needed?

Poor you. I hope this one is an easy one.


noricum said...

Mom is around for another few days. Dad is at his "cabin", but I'm sure would come rescue me if I needed it. My brother is in town. I'm not in pain, so I could always hop a bus down. I'm not really expecting to need to go... it's more of an annoyance than anything. If it persists for too long, I'll give my doc a call to see what she thinks I should do.