Saturday, December 05, 2009

Shock and Surprise!

Dad was just by (I'm his tech support and free labour), and on his way out, he mentioned that he was planning on moving. He had (idly, I thought) talked about buying a place outside the city before. My brother asked me if I had heard. Nothing sounded very immediate, because previously he had said he planned on letting my brother live at home until he graduated.

However, today he asked if I wanted to help him move in the spring. (Uh, no. I have a dust allergy, and he has literally *tons* of crap.) This spring. As in a year before my brother graduates.

Of course, the house he's in now needs a bunch of work before it can be sold, and I'm not sure how Mohammed's planning on moving his mountain. He's not as bad as the hoarders on the TV show "Hoarders", but there's also stuff on his "to do around the house" list that are older than I am. (As well as actual stuff around the house that's older than I am.) Of course, a financial deadline might provide the incentive to increase productivity that he hasn't had before.

But the biggest shock to my system is that "daddy's selling the house I grew up in." Change throws me through a loop.