Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Minute Gift Knitting

Present due: tomorrow (now today)
Present finished: today (now tomorrow)
IMG_2673.JPG IMG_2674.JPG
Will the recipient like them? Hopefully. I had no clue what to get her.

The problem with Noro is that I'm not sure anyone who isn't a knitter will believe these both came from the same skein of yarn. Also, Noro softens with washing... but there definitely isn't time for them to dry by tomorrow afternoon. (Not unless I want to risk toasting them in the oven... but I'd rather go to bed.)

I goofed on the first, and so had to undo the grafting and add a repeat. The second had a knot in the Noro, so both ended up with an extra set of ends needing to be woven in. I had *maybe* three feet of yarn left over when I was done.

The hand portion is fine, but the arm portion is way too tight on me. Hopefully it will be fine on the recipient. (If I ever make them for me, I’ll make them “straight” rather than shaped.)


Sara said...

Those are both made from the same skein? Weird. I'm using some Noro sock weight right now...I'm not too crazy about it.

noricum said...

Even a knitter is skeptical? This present is sounding like a potential flop... *sigh*