Saturday, December 19, 2009

Viking Plate

Okay, about all I can find is "LIPMAN-LEVINTER INDUSTRIES- Toronto, Ontario - Canada active 1930 c. Viking Plate is its trade mark", found here and here. (Same site, different pages.) I would have thought that "active 1930 c." would mean that the company started in 1930, but eBay sites list their Viking Plate as 1920-1930.

Funny... googling again gives me different sites. I'm no longer getting 1920. This site says ""Viking Plate" is the registered trade mark for the Lipman Levinter Industries Limited who were situated at 41 Peter Street, Toronto, Ontario in the 1930-1950 period." Cool. Now I have both a start and an end date for the age of my pieces. :)

Hmmm... also on the site:
Many Victorian Art Nouveau and Edwardian pieces of silverplate will almost always show bleeding and sometimes need re-silvering. Re-silvering is frowned upon and is not always recommended by purists, especially when it comes to Georgian and Early Victorian silverplate. Re-silvering of really early pieces, Georgian to Mid-Victorian, can devalue pieces. Generally speaking, "re-silvering" is a personal matter of choice.
I think the pattern on the tray looks kind of art nouveau or possibly art deco. I love the pattern on the tray. Isn't it pretty?

Okay... back to clearing off the kitchen table, so that I can continue marking. (Yes, I'm procrastinating by clearing the table properly, rather than just shifting the stuff to an alternate flat surface... I might as well use my powers of procrastination for good, rather than evil. My place has gotten rather disgusting over the past term, and it is long overdue for a tidying and cleaning!)


Sara said...

Very cool (both the cleaning and the research.) Do you think you will resilver them?

noricum said...

Not right away, but I think I probably will eventually.

Gail said...

Thank you for this post. My father-in-law is in the process of moving. One of the items he has is a triple candelabra stamped "Viking Plate". Like you, I just kept turning up the ref. to Lipman-Levinter Industries c. 1930. Now, thanks to your dogged research, I know a bit more about this candelabra. I find the address of the manufacturer esp. interesting — that's the same street where my father had his office for many years (but not the same address).

noricum said...

Welcome. :) (Neat coincidence on the address!)

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Thanks to yr blog I can list my Viking Plate Cake Pedestal in a vintage category & with a little history. Thanks again - Marg

noricum said...

Cool! Welcome. :)