Tuesday, December 15, 2009


My phone stinks again. I was late heading out this morning (I'm only scheduled to work afternoons this week, although I have other work I need to do too) because I was supposed to meet up with with a friend, but she slept in... and as a result, I was home when the cops visited my neighbour. I heard a loud, odd honk, but didn't see them. I only realized they were there because her kids started running around the halls, shrieking. I opened my door to fix my mat, which the kids had managed to slide under the door, lifting up the weatherstripping I used to reduce smoke and other smells from coming in my apartment.

Because I opened my door, she realized I was home. Turns out the Ex's mom had called the cops on her, claiming she stole a family heirloom ring. (I didn't stay outside and listen, this is what she told me when she came over afterwards.) My neighbour says the grandma is mad because she isn't letting the grandma see the grandkids... and the ring disappeared back when another stellar family member had been staying with the grandma (I'm not sure if that was before or after he spent some time locked up for tagging and whatever other trouble he was getting in), and that the two of them (neighbour and grandma) had gone around to all the pawn shops to try to locate it.

So, I foolishly loaned my phone to the neighbour again, because she was upset and sick. I asked her to hang it on my door when she was done. She still had it in her apartment when I arrived home at 6 pm, so it spent seven hours over there. It doesn't smell like smoke this time, but it does stink. It's hard to describe the smell.

I hate it when my phone smells.

The neighbour was supposed to be moving out around now, but she still hasn't gotten things straightened out with Revenue Canada. (Speaking of which, apparently she was supposed to give me something to e-mail to the landlord. Whatever. I am *not* her keeper... so if she wants me to do that, she can remember herself.)

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